Friday, May 2, 2008

Points of the Day

1. The mountain bike trails in the Trussville Sports Complex are great. Very tight and technical, though. Luckily, we had our trusty guide Passinout to be sure we didn't meet too much harm.

2. I am seriously waffling on the trip to Colorado and need a motivational speech. Please, feel free.

3. I'm not sure what state our team is in for the BRR as of now. I think there are concerns (reasonably) about running at night, local wildlife, etc. Somehow we need to collectively decide on this. Me personally, I am willing to try it. I think if we all try to recruit, we can come up with 12 crazies. There is also a possibility of finding teammates on the message board for the race - there are lots of people looking for teams/teammates.

4. The Alabama State Senate will be voting on the HB196 (beer legislation - will allow higher content beers in the state for the short explanation). Shoot your local statesperson an email to show support because, hey, everyone likes options.

5. Ryan Perilloux has been kicked off of LSEAUX's American football team for acting too much like an Alabama player. Look out, Bama, your recruiting class might pick up a transfer bonus!

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